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You can still travel while you're home. Join us on our online tours and travel to the most beautiful corners of Portugal from the comfort of your very own home! 


During this one hour + video call I'll share my screen and my stories, beautiful pictures and 3D images. Ask your questions, learn history, hear fairy tale legends and discover amazing sites. Spend some quality time with your loved ones.


1 - Choose from our hand-selected tours and book your favorite one.  

2 - You'll get an email with the Zoom details. You'll be able to choose your favorite time and don't worry about timezone conversion, we'll handle that.

3- Pour yourself some tea (or wine) and let your mind travel on a beautiful trip.

Available tours

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Secret Places 30.00 EUR A tasty tour 30.00 EUR Traditions and legends 30.00 EUR Jewish Heritage 45.00 EUR Wine Lovers 45.00 EUR World War II 45.00 EUR St Anthony and Fatima 40.00 EUR Sintra 30.00 EUR Porto 30.00 EUR Natural Wonders 30.00 EUR

- Lisbon Stories Secret Places – I will share my very favorite secret spaces from around my beloved country with you. Some of these spots very difficult to travel to, so why not join me on this unforgettable adventure. 

- A Tasty tour of Portugal – A country with 1000 codfish recipes and hundreds of pastries has some secrets to share. I'll share my favorite restaurants, dishes you have to have and some easy recipes. 

- Traditions and Legends – Although Portugal is small country, it is interwoven with rich history, fantastical legends and colorful traditions. Take a deep dive into Portuguese life, past and present. 

- Sintra – Visit Sintra from a local's perspective. Visit the palaces, hike in the National Forest and try the famous pastries. Then leave the tourists behind and explore the hidden gems.

- Natural Wonders – Let’s wander into nature and discover some stunningly beautiful hidden gems of the Portuguese National Parks. Find unique rock formations, dive the waterfalls and relax by the sea.

- Calling all Winelovers - Learn about our different wine regions, become a Port wine specialist and discover new kinds, like Green wine. Before the tour you'll receive a list of Portuguese wines available in the US so you can be prepaired. 

- Jewish Heritage - Portugal may have been the mythical Sefarad, then it was stage to the horrific massacre and more recently, welcomed all the Jews from central Europe. Travel to the remote villages where Jewish people tried to hide, find the concealed synagogues and discover this amazing history. 

Fascist dictatorship & II World War - In theory Portugal didn't participate in the war. In reality, we were selling visa's and tungsten to both Nazis and Allies, using that money to finance a fascist dictatorship. We'll mention the name that shall not be named and talk about the "birth" of James Bond. 

- St Anthony and Fatima - Discover the traditions associated to St Anthony, whi was born in Lisbon and celebrated for matchmaking. Then travel to Fatima and learn about the 1917 apparitions. 

 Can’t find a tour that sparks your interest? Do you have a special hobby or interest? Please share it with me and I’m happy to create a custom tour personalized especially for you!