What's a licensed guide?

In Portugal until few years ago only licensed guides were allowed to do guided tours inside National Monuments and World Heritage Sights.

While today this isn't a strict obligation, we only work with guides with this kind of certification. Other companies may drive you to the site, give you a few comments and leave you at the door with some free time. Lisbon Stories' guides  park the car and walk with you inside the attraction you wish to visit. We guide you through your favorite palace or museum combining history and stories, helping you to understand what’s so special about it.

What does it take to be a licensed guide?

Licensed tour guides have a degree in Tourism Information or History after which they did a specific oral exam. This oral exam is done in three different languages and is conducted by university professors and other relevant people for the tourism in Portugal. During one hour examinees can be asked every and anything about Portugal: gastronomy, heritage, traditions, architecture, you name it.

After one is approved we get a golden badge like this. Only licensed tour guides ca wear it and it grants them free admission in all monuments in Portugal, as well as fast track entrance for their groups.

For licensed tour guides this isn’t a summer or part time job. We went through several stages of preparation and this is our passion. Our goal is to make every visitor fall in love with the beauty and history of our country. We make part of your long lasting memories.

Lisbon Stories only works with licensed tour guides. This project was created by Catia, a licensed tour guide since 2007. Being a tour guide she knows how to select the best guides and she makes sure to invite only the best ones to work at Lisbon Stories.


That’s the way we work!