Now in Portuguese

I know it's impossible to learn a language just reading some sentences and even if you learn these words, if the conversation keeps going you'll need to ask “do you speak English” but speaking a bit of Portuguese is a courtesy act, and something that will please the locals.
Vamos começar! (Let's start!)
Good morning – Bom dia (from morning to noon)
Good afternoon – Boa tarde (from noon until it's dark)
Good night – Boa noite (from dinner time until morning)
Thank you – Obrigado
I'm sorry – Desculpe
Do you know where's ... - Sabe onde é...
Can you help me? - Pode-me ajudar?
Please – Por favor

Food & Drinks - Comida & Bebida
Coffee – Café
Caffé latte – Galão “galau”
Decaff – Descafeinado
Cold – Fresco
Hot – Quente
With ice – Com gelo
Water – Água
Beer – Cerveja
Wine – Vinho
(Can be Red - Tinto; White –
Branco; or Green – Verde).
I would like to have – Eu queria...
Meat – Carne
Fish – Peixe
Custard – Pastel de nata
Check, please – A conta por favor
How much is this? - Quanto é?

Directions – Indicações
Do you know where is... - Sabe onde é...
Right - Direita
Left – Esquerda
Up – Para cima
Down – Para baixo
Straight – A direito
Go back – Para trás