Sintra and Cascais

Chosen in the XIVth century as summer residence for the Portuguese kings, and in the XIXth century as the capital of the romanticism, Sintra was called by Lord Byron as “My glorious Eden”.

    The uniqueness of the landscape, the weird trees that grow only there, and the perfect integration between man and nature convinced Unesco to declare Sintra as World heritage.  

    This is a small town between the mountain and the Ocean, with an unique ambience that can be felt only there, and a fresh air that purifies our lungs.

    Here we'll have time to visit one Palace at your choice: the unique and medieval National Palace, the fairy-tale Pena Palace or the mystic Regaleira mannor house. We'll also walk a bit around we won't leave before you taste the regional sweet: a subtle crust filled with almonds and eggs cream, the best sweet you ever tried!

    Leaving Sintra we'll cross the National Park of Sintra Cascais, for a small stop at Rocca Cape, the western most point of Continental Europe. We'll arrive at Cascais just on time to have lunch, having the chance to taste the great fresh fish and sea food from there. After lunch there will be time to lie on the beach, to go for a walk, or to cycle a bit around (for free). Before leave to Lisbon we'll visit the “Mouth of hell”, a small cliff that creates a “mouth”, and when the sea is stormy, getting inside there creates huge waves.

    As we love the Ocean, we'll go back to Lisbon through a panoramic road all coastline long, letting us see all the beaches from Cascais to Lisbon, and the exact point where the river and the ocean get together.


palácio pena palace

cabo da roca casino

fonte travesseiros

cascais carcavelos

Price up to 2 persons: 480€  

Price up to 4 persons: 530€  

Price up to 6 persons: 600€  

Includes: full day private tour; licensed guide; transportation in air-conditioned minivan; wifi.


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