Literary Lisbon

    A couple of centuries ago, at least in Lisbon, writers weren't closed inside their houses or offices, writing in the loneliness. Instead, they used to meet in the streets, take walks through the historical neighborhoods, gather in central cafés where they could improvise tertúlias (literary meetings), talk all night long and criticise the society between two glasses of wine.

    Literature was alive, in the streets, and it was possible to smell it everywhere. Some of the cafés where they used to meet are still open (Brasileira, Martinho da Arcada, Leão d'Ouro, ...) with poems or paintings that remember that period. Also visible are the streets they used to pass by, the belvederes where they sat looking at the river, the social spots where they used to look at and criticise the society... and if we look carefully, I'm sure we'll find some of the characters they used to talk about...


    If we're talking about a literature that was made in the streets, let's go outside and live again the Lisbon of those writers!


nicola brasileira

Martinho da Arcada Martinho, antigo

Eça Pessoa

Leão Casino


Lisbon, every street is a poem.

Difficulty level - medium - mostly walking tour.

Price for 2 adults: 110€

Extra adult: 10€ per person

Extra children - free

Includes: licensed guide service for 3,5 hours; transportation (by tram); private tour.


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